Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Red Devil 2008

We have 3 Devils to pick from, so we went with the Red Devil this year. Next year we will build one of the others. He stands 6 1/2 feet tall, will be in a red room, red lights, with foam ambers at his feet. He will be placed at the exit of the maze leading out to the pumpkin patch.

Slvrater 2008

This was the second one built this year, and a theme for the rest of the Monsters that Debi and had done for this years haunt. He stands like the rest of them about 7 feet tall. And looks like a Ripper.

Xathdrall 2008

Debi's new Monster ( Xathdrall ) He will be place Inside the main entrance of the maze. He is close to being about 7 feet tail as well. He will be growling and shaking set to motion detection.